Shield Yourself From Bullies

Suggestions for how to handle the cruel, the uncaring and the creeps

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I'm Sheila Tucker, a writer and poet living in Canada.

I wondered for some time what I might start a blog or a website on, and finally realized I'm at a place in my life where I'm ready to converse with others, i.e., you, about the problem of humans mistreating other humans.

My life is good now—I'm happily married, love the town we live in and the social life I've made for myself. But it was not always so. There were times I was downright miserable and lonely, both as a child and as an adult. And most of that upset was caused by others: mainly cruel kids at school and bullies at work. Oh, and a dysfunctional family...

Perhaps you'll relate to some of my experiences. Hopefully, you'll find ideas on how to help either yourself, a family member or friend. My site tells stories of bullied children, harassed adults, workplace problems and more. And throughout, I provide ideas that may help, and book and movie suggestions.

I recommend perusing the information and stories on all my tabs; i.e., not only re “Adults in the Workplace” but also “Kids at School” and “Family Issues,” because the information overlaps and you’ll find useful stories and suggestions on all the webpages.

If I've missed something, I hope you'll drop me a note with your story and your suggestion for a new blog post. I cannot answer all emails, but if your story is relevant I may post it (but won't use your name without permission).

Please note: I am not a psychologist or social worker. I am simply a person who has, too many times, been on the receiving end of abuse, mainly verbal in my case, e.g., of gossip, marginalization, deprecation and so on. I can empathize with you.

I list further reading by qualified professionals and others on my Further Reading tab.

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