Poem: To The Bullied (by Masayuki Tanabe)

I read this poem recently and realized it is a good message to bullied kids.

I was bullied as a kid myself. That school is now far away and long ago. I made a happy life for myself. To all of you out there, think on this famous quote:: “Happiness is the best revenge.” Make it so. It is possible even if it doesn’t seem like it when you’re stuck in school.

From the third poetry collection, titled My Voice My Pain My Love, by Masayuki Tanabe of Ontario, Canada (posted here with permission).


If you are a kid in high school

Who is being stomped on

And kicked with steel toed boots

I want to tell you

I know how terribly bleak it is

If you think about mowing down

Your fellow students 

With an assault rifle

Like the Columbine shooters

I understand 

Because I was in that dark Hades

Caused by the utter inhumanity

Of bullying

However it is our actions

That truly define us not our thoughts

We all have a choice

To live a life worth remembering

Or to have a legacy

That is a monstrosity

I chose to be a human being

Despite not being treated like one

I urge you to do the same

Masayuki Tanabe at a poetry reading event

Masayuki Tanabe at a poetry reading event